Everything you need to know about Calm Cub...

1. What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is a blanket filled with material to give the blanket extra weight. Our weighted blankets are made out of the highest quality glass beads, not plastic.

This gives the user the sensation of deep touch pressure and creates the feeling of being hugged and held.

2. How do I use a weighted blanket?

Our blankets are a hug on demand so use it in the way you’d like a cuddle. But for a good nights sleep and a maximum calming effect we recommend covering your entire body with it. Weighted blankets are designed to fit the body not the bed.

A weighted blanket can be used in place of a regular duvet or with a duvet to give you the maximum comfort possible.

3. What weight should I choose?

A weighted blanket should weigh no more than 10% of your body weight and are not suitable for children under three years old.

So we recommend the (infographic?)

3KG blanket for ages 4-9 and the 5KG blanket for ages 10+

All our blankets measure 101cm x 152cm

4. How do I wash it?

The fabric of our blanket is 100% cotton but due to the glass bead filling we recommend hand washing only.

Our Calm Cub cover is 100% Polyester and is machine washable, but we don’t recommend tumble drying.


5. Will I be too hot or too cold?


Our breathable cotton blanket is made from premium fabric to ensure you get all the benefits of a hug without getting too hot or uncomfortable.

Our high quality mono glass bead filling requires less filling than plastic poly pellet filling of more traditional weighted blankets and therefore our blankets are thinner and less bulky than others.

The Calm Cub cover provides a little extra luxury and warmth when needed, providing you with a Calm Cub cuddle all year round.


6. What can a weighted blanket help with?


A weighted blanket can help with Sleep disorders, Anxiety, Arthritis and pain, Restless Leg Syndrome and general stress. It can also help with the challenges associated with ADHD, Sensory disorders and Autism by encouraging children to self regulate, settle down after an outburst or over excitement, manage emotions, deal with stress and wind down at night.

Weighted blankets can help children feel calmer and more relaxed, creating a Calm Cub.


7. How does a weighted blanket help?


A weighted blanket works by applying deep touch pressure which simulates being hugged and held. This releases Serotonin in the brain, sometimes called the ‘happy’ chemical because it creates a sense of calm and wellbeing.

This in turn can naturally aid deeper, longer sleep and improved mood.


8. Why Doesn't Calm Cub fit my child's bed?


Calm Cub is designed to apply even pressure to your child's body, not their bed. This means the blanket is sized to cover their body evenly to allow the weighted aspect to do its job correctly. 


9. What is the returns policy?


If you received a damaged or faulty item we will refund/replace the item at no cost to you. Please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your item


If the item does not suit your needs it can be returned to us, unused within 30 days of purchase.

Only items in perfect condition, with all original packaging can be refunded.


10. How do I make an exchange/return?


To return your item email us for a returns label for either:

· Courier collection for £10

· Post office drop off for £5


11. When will my order arrive?


Orders are sent next day delivery via UPS if ordered before 12pm.

Tracking details will be emailed.

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