About us

We created Calm Cub after discovering the HUGE difference a weighted blanket made to our son’s anxiety and sleeping habits. He’s autistic so we often struggled with calming him at bedtime, and we were experiencing a lot of sleepless nights.

But once we tried a weighted blanket, everything changed!! We’ve never seen him so relaxed at bedtime, and he’s now never far from his favourite blanket.

It de-stresses him, soothes him, and makes him feel safe and cosy throughout the night, and this makes us so happy! 

We knew we had to spread the word about the amazing magic of weighted blankets, so Calm Cub was born.

If you want to make bedtime, down-time, chill-time happier and calmer in your house, we feel our Calm Cub will be the most invaluable purchase for your family!