How Can Calm Cub help With Every Day Challenges?

Children's therapy blanket

We all face anxiety-causing challenges throughout our day, and children are no exception. Children are even less equipped to deal with these challenges than we are, so we're always looking for ways to help them cope. Our weighted blankets can help with a range of spectrum disorder traits as well as challenges your child might face day-to-day. We’ve listed some of the things that our family and others have found they help with below.  

Sleeping Trouble

If your child suffers with getting to sleep, laying covered with a calm cub blanket can help them relax before bed. They can also create be comforting for them if they wake in the night.


Studies show that weighted blankets help massively with anxiety, as they create a calming feeling around the body. This help to increase endorphins, which naturally make us all feel happy and calmer! We have found that anxiety around sleep and other issues definitely decreases with the use of Calm Cub. 


Many children on the autism spectrum and with other disorders such as ADHD, can suffer with lack of concentration. We have found that Calm Cub has remarkably increased the concentration of our son when he’s doing homework for example.  

Busy Environment/Change of Environment

Taking your blanket with you on your travels can help your cub feel more secure and comfortable when out and about. Having the comforting pressure can help your child feel safe and secure in environments they may not be used to or may find distressing. 


These are just a few of the situations where we have found the Calm Cub blanket can be useful. There are many more ways a weighted blanket can help your child with their every day challenges! Please share your own experiences with Calm Cub.