Autism and Weighted Blankets

Child Autism Weighted Blanket

Autism traits and tendencies are becoming more and more widely accepted these days, but ways of improving and bettering life with autism are slow to present themselves. 

Weighted blankets have been one tool that helps improve life of children with autism and related disorders. 

Many children with autism suffer from sleep disorders, insomnia, and just trouble having a restful night sleep when compared with their peers. Lack of quality sleep can affect your child's learning, growth, and overall mood. 

Deep Pressure Therapy has been known to help with many sleep issues and disorders.

Child affected by Asbergers syndrome  a specific sub-group of Autism, in particular can benefit from a weighted blanket. Many symptoms of Asbergers, such as aggressive outbursts, sensitivity to touch, depressive mood, and poor muscle coordination, can benefit from Deep Pressure Therapy. The DPT helps calm and soothe your child therefore improving mood and reducing aggressive outbursts.